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              Pyrenean Mastiff and Leonberger                                                                                                                                                                            

 The name WO-WO comes from our first two Leonbergers, Wilma and Otto.

With Otto and Wilma began our interest in Leonberger and to eventually start a kennel. And today we also have the Pyrenean Mastiff.

Important breeding rules for us. (5 generations)

Never breed above 2.5 in inbreeding degree, (even 2.5 is actually too high). Samba and Laban have 0.2%.

Never breed at less than 85% in AVK. Samba and Laban have 95%.

For more information. Breeding and genertics.

But we can't deny that we think it's a bit funny even with the exhibition results. For more information on this, see Meet our dogs of today.


To honor our first Leonberger, Otto, we named our first Pyrenean Mastiff male Otto.

We have today 8 dogs. 6 Pyrenean Mastiff and 2 Leonberger. 

And we just wait until we get more puppies. Our main reason for raising puppies is for ourselves. And we want them to be the best possible.

Puppy plans Pyrenean Mastiff, 2023

 Our goals with our breeding

Pyrenean mastiff and Leonberger are wounderful.

Some pictures of our Pyrenean Mastiffs

Meet our dogs of today.

Latest uppdate  in Swedish

Latest update in English

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 Pyrenean Mastiff: Samba, Otto, Laban, Lucas, Luna and Zaara.

Leonberger: Chabo and Chico




WO-WO Kennel

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