WO-WO kennel. Leonberger och Pyreneisk Mastiff



 WO-WO kennel. Pyrenean Mastiff and Leonberger.        


 Our goals with our breeding.

We see three important things divided into two areas.

1. Health and mentality

2. Appearance,  = typical breed standard in an exellent way


 Our most important issue is.

What do you enjoy about the world's most beautiful dog if it is not healthy, has a good life and achieves a long life.

What do you enjoy about the world's most beautiful dog with good health if it does not work very well in daily life.

Another important issue for us is.

Who do we want to become the owner of one of our puppies? It is the person or family who knows what a Pyrenean Mastiff is for a dog. And a family that wants a really close friend to love and to take care of forever. If you then want to exhibit it or maybe use it in future breeding, it is OK for us. But absolutely not necessary.

With these overarching main lines, we want to develop each point separately here. 




(This part is in progress.)

We are gradually getting to work on developing the English-speaking part. Interested but want to know more. Please contact us.

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