WO-WO kennel. Leonberger och Pyreneisk Mastiff

Pyrenean Mastiff and Leonberger

are absolute wonderful.

Affectionate, cuddly, kind and calm, and become quickly your best friend.

It is a pleasure to wake up every day and spend the day with these friends.

Today we have 6 Pyrenean Mastiffs and 2 Leonbergers. In the past, for many years we have had approx. 8 Leonbergers at the same time. We would have a very hard time imagining a life without these wonderful dogs.

In 2021 to 2022, we received 4 new Pyrenean Mastiffs for our home. Their names are Laban, Lucas, Luna and Fiona. Previously we had our Leonbergers as well as Samba and Otto, which are Pyrenean Mastiffs.

We brought Laban home on 29/12 2021 from Finland. He comes from the Farmlands kennel. He is a Pyrenean Mastiff male. The reason we chose him and his line was that these would fit into a future combination with Samba. We also don´t want to deny that we thought he was incredibly cute. We named him Laban after a male Leonberger that we had an who left us in great missing. This Laban was a big powerful male who was absolutely wounderful but at the same time with a twinkle in his eye. Our new Laban is quite like him in his ways. 

In the summer of 2021, we got a litter of puppies after Samba and a Finnish male named Mastinero Harry. From this litter we kept a male puppy that we named Lucas. Unfortunately, there were only two surviving puppies. He has a brother named Torbjörn. Both are fantastically calm and pleasant. We like calm family dogs while we like a balanced way of guarding. 

Luna also comes from Finland. We picked her up on 3/6 2022 in Helsinki. Luna comes from Snaggletooth´s kennel. Luna is also chosen to fit into our future breeding plans. And can be advantageously paired together with Laban. Luna has developed very well.Wounderful temperament together with an exterior that we believe will lead to the same success as our other Pyrenean Mastiffs.

Our latest addition is Fiona. Fiona is a sister to our Laban. Which means we are familiar with her lines. Fiona has grown up at one of our partner kennels, Evitagårdens kennel in Sweden. We brought her home together with Laban from Finland. Fiona come to us at the end of November 2022. The idea is that Fiona will fit in well with the rest of our herd. Our plans also include that we will try to have a future litter of puppies after Fiona, as sonn as it fits into our other plans. There is already a planned male dog for this litter. We expect puppies during summer of 2023. More details will come later. 

When you have many dogs in different ages, you unfortunately also get several momnent of sadness. Unfortunately, two of our Leonberger bitches left us during 2021. Princess in March and Chita in December. Princess was the mother of Chita.

Our dogs are our best friends.

Friends you can always count on and who are always happy when they see you.

A dog makes very few demands but, if you meet them, remains your best friend through thick and thin. In progress as well as in adversity. In hapiness as well as in sadness. Yes, at all time you have a friend who is always happy when he/she sees you. A friend who shows his joy and who wants to be close to you. 

A dog does not really require much from you, but gives so much in return.

Our dogs today. Click to meet them.